This school offers an in depth holistic health and mindfulness approach to addiction recovery and freedom from self limiting beliefs and habits.

Inside you'll find guidance from the Natural Highs Team - a Life Coach and Wilderness Guide, a Therapist, and a Nutritionist who have teamed up to offer a holistic health perspective and guide you to a happy healthy sober life. **Please note the courses offered in this school are supplemental and alternative perspectives and are not a replacement for conventional treatment methods.

Jake & his program empowered me, guided me, and helped me recognize my own power and competence to move my life in the direction I wanted. I truly never thought I could get to a point where I felt joy, peace, & contentment in day to day life without weed, but here I am, and what a truly amazing place to be. 

- Rebecca L

"It’s been incredibly helpful to have a very steady guide thru the whole process... I feel like a lot of the turbulence of my mind has reduced… I’ve built in practices & spaces in my life for self care" - Megan

"I feel a lot more content with life overall, I feel like I’ve gotten back my natural state. I’m not self medicating just to get through the day. I’ve noticed I don’t get as agitated anymore… I just handle stress a lot better…" - Joe

"I feel like a completely different person… like the person I’m meant to be, the person I knew I could be, the person I knew in my mind I wanted to strive to be… and now I’m there… I’m just stunned" - Chantel

Hi, I’m Jake, Life Coach and Mountain Guide.

I struggled with severe anxiety and addiction for a long time. I self medicated with marijuana, alcohol and other addictions from a young age. I've been on a recovery journey for over 9 years. During that time I climbed over 70 mountains, started 2 businesses, and studied holistic health and mindfulness in great depth. I am so grateful to now be a full time coach helping others on the journey to a happy healthy sober life. In the Inner Ascent Video Course and Group Coaching Program, I've teamed up with a licensed therapist and nutritionist to bring you the best of everything I've learned over the years, with extra guidance from professionals at the top of their field.