Relax, Rejoice, & Regulate Your Nervous System without Smoking or Drinking

In the Inner Ascent Video Course, Life Coach and Founder of Natural Highs Recovery Jake Yoder teams up with a licensed therapist and a certified nutritionist to teach a wide range of holistic health practices to help you release marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, and all addictions, and thrive like never before.

Far beyond addiction, the material taught in this course will help to support mood stability, energy levels, focus, and overall wellbeing for the rest of your life, even after addictions are long gone!

*DISCLAIMER: This course is not a replacement for formal treatment. If you are struggling with addiction, substance abuse, or mental health challenges of any kind, seek professional help from a licensed clinician

Meet Your Teachers:

Jake Yoder: Life Coach & Founder of Natural Highs Recovery

As a Life Coach, Mountain Guide, and Mindfulness Teacher in long term recovery, Jake teaches about how to master your mindset, regulate your nervous system & live in harmony with the Natural Reward System of your body to feel better than ever in sober life. Click the image to learn more about Jake.

Kelly Miller, Nutritional Therapist & Founder of the P.A.W.S. Protocol

As a certified Nutritionist who specializes in addiction, Kelly teaches about how improve mood, reduce cravings and prevent relapse with a specialized nutrition approach designed to meet the unique needs of individuals in recovery. Click the image to learn more about Kelly.

Zoe Gillis, MFT: Therapist & Meditation Teacher, Founder of Wild Minds Retreats

As a licensed therapist, Zoe teaches about the role of trauma in addiction and how to heal using holistic practices like meditation and wilderness immersion. Click the image to learn more about Zoe.

What People Are Saying about the Inner Ascent Video Course + 8 Week Group Coaching

“The Inner Ascent course opened me further to rewiring my nervous system with mindful somatic tools and breath work practices I hadn’t explored as in-depth. In our little tribe cultivated by Jake, we truly shared ourselves. My body and nervous system shed tears as it has so badly needed the reminder to ground and come back home."
 - Lydia
Inner Ascent Graduate

"I can now catch my heart rate rising and stop to ask my body what it needs to regulate instead of just charging through all activated. I’m able to notice when other people's systems are dysregulated and keep mine regulated and not let mine join theirs. I can feel sensations in my center and recognize I’m anxious about something and address it instead of ignoring it. I feel like I’m in a relationship with my body and that is a really nice feeling. Excited to work in supplements as well."
- Chasten
Inner Ascent Graduate

"I had no expectations going into the Inner Ascent seminar with Jake, and that allowed me the freedom to explore what exactly I hoped to get out of it. What I found was a community of like-minded individuals, coming together with their own struggles, and lessons, and successes to lift each other up, and celebrate sobriety. I love that not only Jake, but everyone in the class, met you where you're at. It was a paradigm-shifting experience to learn from and understand how to best live a sober life. I highly recommend the Inner Ascent course to anyone who may be struggling and needs to find their own path in life."
- Uri
Inner Ascent Graduate

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Video Course Curriculum Preview

  Module 1: UPROOTING ADDICTION (Mindset, Detox & Neurotransmitter Support)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: Presence & Flow State
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Natural Highs - Natural Reward Systems of the Brain & Body
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: Nutrition for Recovery Workshop
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5: Zoe Gillis, MFT - Healing the Roots of Addiction
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 6: Radical Acceptance & Gratitude
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 7: Reframing Addiction & Releasing the Past
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 8: Continued Support for Thriving Addiction Free
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Meditations & Breath Work
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Workshop Replays (Full-length)
Available in days
days after you enroll

Want community support beyond the video course? Join us for live weekly coaching calls & discussion of video course topics in the Inner Ascent 8 Week Group.

Sobriety is more about STARTING something than STOPPING something. 

Let's start a new path together!

Group Program Content:


Mastering the natural reward systems of the brain and body lifts us to new heights in everyday life, and gives us resilience during hard times. 


That is why in the INNER ASCENT Group Coaching program I’ve teamed up with a licensed therapist AND a certified nutritionist to teach you:


🌱WK 1: ROOTS OF ADDICTION: what addiction really is, why addiction is not actually the issue, and how to let go of shame


🌱WK 2: FLOW STATE: what it is and how to access it every day 


🌱WK 3: NATURAL HIGHS: how to tap into your brain & body's Natural Reward System to get high on life every day


🌱WK 4: RADICAL ACCEPTANCE & GRATITUDE: how to find peace in the present moment & learn to induce a state of gratitude at any moment.


🌱WK 5: NUTRITION & FOOD AS MEDICINE: Optimize health & energy, reduce stress, and manage cravings through food & supplements with addiction nutritionist Kelly Miller.


🌱WK 6: REFRAMING ADDICTION & RELEASING THE PAST: releasing guilt, resentment and shame forever


🌱WK 7: TRAUMA & NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION: learn about trauma healing from therapist Zoe Gillis, MFT. Gain alternative, natural ways to get relief including meditation and breathe work 


🌱WK 8: ONGOING SUPPORT & HABIT BUILDING: how to stay supported long term and prevent relapse


🌱VIDEO COURSE: Multi Year access to the Inner Ascent comprehensive video course including all future updates at no extra cost


🌱PRIVATE GROUP CHAT: Access to a group chat via the Slack app (no social media required) that continues even AFTER the course ends so you can stay connected with your new sobriety BFFs :) 

This is an 8 week, tight knit group with limited spots. Enrollment opens once a month. Groups fill fast, so act now! 


Click HERE to book a call and explore if this group will be the right fit for you. 

This course is for you IF:


  • You are sober or sober curious 
  • You got sober within the past year and want to learn a holistic approach to wellness in sobriety & connect with others doing the same
  • You’ve been sober for over 1 yr and want to deepen your knowledge of meditation practices & nutrition for optimal wellbeing 
  • You are ready to begin your sobriety & need a good reason to start
  • You want to take a break from weed, alcohol, or nicotine (or all 3) for at least 8 wks while learning about holistic health and mindfulness practices

Group & 1:1 Coaching Testimonials

*click here for more testimonials

"After being an almost daily marijuana user for 6+ years, since age 17, I felt nothing short of trapped and alone. I knew something needed to change & had known for years that I wanted to stop, but after multiple failed attempts to quit, felt powerless. Jake & his program empowered me, guided me, and helped me recognize my own power and competence to move my life in the direction I wanted. I truly never thought I could get to a point where I felt joy, peace, & contentment in day to day life without weed, but here I am, and what a truly amazing place to be." - Rebecca

"At the end of the 13 weeks with Jacob I felt completely free. I was able to relax more than I ever did smoking weed. I was more clear and creative than I had been in years. I naturally began to discover what I really liked and what really brought me joy. I made more deep and meaningful, real relationships with those I loved. I was no longer just surviving. I began to actually thrive. I can barely recognize who I was before this process anymore. I am so happy to finally be free from addictions and anxiety and happy with who I am" - Kristin

Working with Jake has helped me bring awareness to and gain confidence in getting my needs met to achieve my long term goals. I’m super grateful for the opportunity to work with Jake, and I wicked recommend his life coaching services to everyone! I’m not letting the self doubt thoughts hold me down any more… it doesn’t mean they’re not there, but I am able to see them clearer, and talk through them... Jake's program has allowed me to stay aware of insecurities and question them, and have a conversation with myself about them in the moment instead of just wallowing in a pit of despair… and that’s HUGE!" - Jess

More about your coach

Jake Yoder is a Life Coach, Mountain Guide and Mindfulness Teacher in long term recovery. He specializes in helping others on the sobriety / recovery journey transform self limiting patterns that linger after addiction, so they can address the root cause of their addiction and truly thrive in sobriety. His own journey of long term recovery led him to become the founder of Natural Highs Recovery, a coaching program that uses holistic health and mindfulness to help you cultivate peace, find purpose, and create a sober life you love. Jake has mentored hundreds of individuals throughout his career, and has been interviewed on many high ranking podcasts (including podcasts ranked in the top 1% of the mental health genre) as well as KSQD radio. His message has reached hundreds of thousands of people through a variety of channels, and continues to expand. To learn more about the 6 pillars of the Natural Highs Coaching Program, book a free call with Jake. Both one on one and group coaching options are available. Click here to book a call